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I have considerable experience in curriculum analysis and development. During 1998-2002 at TechBC, I had a leadership role to develop the Management and Technology program, integrated with the Information Technology and Interactive Arts program areas. In this capacity I was responsible for all aspects of the design and development of the undergraduate program in High Tech Entrepreneurship, and the Masters and Ph.D. program in E-business. Planning included curriculum and course development, and faculty recruitment. Since 2003 I am a member of a committee to develop and implement a Business program at SFU Surrey.

In 2000 I carried my interest in university strategic and program planning to a project I led involving nine universities. The project, titled “Innovation through Technology in New Millennium Universities” received seed funding of $36,000 from the National Science Foundation in the U.S. The goal of the project was to examine innovative practices in universities with emphasis on strategy and technology. After the first year of the project, additional funding was not obtainable and this avenue of work was discontinued. In 2003, I again examined technology in the context of strategy and organizational change. With John Nesbit, we presented a paper titled “E-Learning Delivery Models as Vehicles for Organizational Change” at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference.

In alignment with my broad and interdisciplinary research background, my teaching interests are likewise diverse as outlined in greater detail below. I have taught a variety of courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as executive training and development. Teaching has been in the context of large classes (up to 250 students), small interactive classes, as well as online. Since joining TechBC in 1998 I have had the opportunity to both develop and deliver courses online, supported by e-learning experts. In addition, I have completed numerous courses on e-learning practice, as well as how to plan e-learning programs. Completed courses are noted below.

Concerning student research and supervision, I have been active supervising students at both Ph.D. and Master levels as outlined following.

Teaching Interests

1. Management Information Systems – Project Management

2. Management of Technology – managing e-business and e-commerce, e-business strategy and business models, e-loyalty and localization issues, E-HR, global business in technology industries, organizational development in technology contexts, social contexts of online business including ethics

3. International Business – joint ventures and strategic alliances, comparative management, international HRM

4. Management and Organization Studies – leadership, HRM, teams, ethics, managerial processes

SFU (2002-present)

2004-2006 Overall Teaching Evaluation Rating: 3.5/4.0

Undergraduate Leadership for Innovation (Bus 486)
Project Management (Bus 361)
Organizational Behavior (Bus 272)
Human Resource Management (Bus 381) 
Business in a Networked Economy (Bus 130)
Business in a Global Economy (128/129/130)
Designing Organizations (251/ 252/253)
Managing Technology Professionals
(E-HR: 310/311/312)
Graduate Managing People (PT MBA Surrey)
Organizations: Structure and Change (Executive Management Program)
Organizational Behavior and HRM (GDBA 557-4)
Building E-Loyalty (692-1)
Global Business in Technology Industries (606-1)
Organizing, Motivating and Leading the Technology Driven Enterprise (MOT 761-3)

TechBC (1998-2002)

Fall 2001 Overall Teaching Evaluation Rating: 4.6/5.0
Note: All courses are delivered in an online format.

Team Dynamics (100-1)
Business in a Global Economy (130-3)
Project Management (200-3)
Designing Organizations (251-3)
Managing Technology Professionals (E-HR: 300-3)
Graduate Managing High Tech Professionals (605-1)
Global Business in Technology Industries (606-1)
E-Customer Relationship Management (609-1)
E-business Strategy and Models (613-1)

SFU (1994-1999)

Undergraduate Behavior in Organizations (272-3)
Human Resource Management (381-3)
International HRM (432-3)
Comparative Management (430-3; 380-3)
Macro Organizational Theory (374-3)
Graduate International HRM (885-3)
Comparative Management (884-3)
Executive MBA Managing in a Global Environment (698-3)
Managing in an International Environment (689-3)
Continuing Studies Strategic Alliances in the High Technology Sector


UBC Human Resource Management (427-3)
International Perspectives on HRM (528-3)
Executive Organizational Behavior
(noncredit) Strategic Partnering: Making It Work (B.C. Trade Dev. Corp.)
Competitive Organizations: The People Dimension
Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances: The Success Factors

Teaching Effectiveness Courses Delivered

2006 Teaching Effectively Online

Completed Teaching Effectiveness Courses

2014 Writing, Teaching and Using Case Studies
2006 WebCT6 (SFU)
2005 Giving Effective Speeches and Presentations (SFU)
2004 Instruction in the use of WebCT (SFU)
2003 Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference, UBC
2002 E-Learning in Higher Education: Management Path (SFU 3-day workshop)
2002 Planning Sustainable E-Learning Programs (UBC Distance Ed Research Centre)
2000 Mastering Educational Technology and Learning (TechBC 13 weeks of online pedagogy)
1999 Assessment Techniques (TechBC)
1998 Using Dreamweaver (TechBC)
1997 International HRM (5 day faculty workshop, U. of Colorado)
1997 Instructional Skills (3 day UBC faculty workshop)
1996 Asking Stimulating Questions in the Classroom (UBC faculty workshop)
1996 Teaching Large Classes (SFU faculty workshop)
1995 Evaluating Students (SFU faculty workshop)
1995 Group Projects and Assignments: Maximizing Benefits (SFU faculty workshop)
1994 Challenges of Graduate Supervision (SFU faculty workshop)
1994 Teaching with Technology (SFU faculty workshop)

Postdoctoral or Visiting Scholar Supervision/Collaboration

  1. Mario Silic (Switzerland) - January 2016 - present
  2. Mark Gilbert (Canada) - January 2016 - present
  3. Abhishek Mishra (India) - July 2015 - present
  4. Agnis Stibe (Finland) - January 2014 - present
  5. Adi Pater (Netherlands) - August-December 2014
  6. Ziqui (Victor) Liao (Hong Kong) - June-July 2014
  7. Rik Crutzen(Netherlands) - February 2013 ongoing
  8. Tomas Kincl (Czech Republic) - September 2012-2013

Ph.D Student Supervision

Master's Student Supervision