Dianne Cyr Ph.D.

Personal Interests

My interests are sports, the arts, gourmet wine and cooking, and gardening.

My husband, Danny, and I have two dogs. Bentley (who is pictured on this page) is a full Havanese - the name originating from the location of the breed in Havana, Cuba. Bentley is one of the joys of my life - and makes sure that I walk every day when the weather permits. He has a wonderful and loving personality. We also have a little Maltese called Emma. She is small but feisty!

I am an art collector of sorts. Over the past 25 years I have accumulated a number of paintings and lithographs that adorn this website. They have been obtained on many of my travels, as well as locally. The Sunflowers (my earliest acquisition) came from Spain, the paintings by Pavel Roucka were purchased during one of my data collection missions to Prague, and the lithograph by Carpedeville was an interesting find in Paris. Local artists include Ygartwa, who painted a mural for Expo in Vancouver in 1986, and Alix Hirobashi. Perhaps the best know artist in the group is Anton Tapies.

I am keenly interested in the performing arts, and feel fortunate we have so many arts events and activities from which to choose in Vancouver. I regularly attend the Vancouver Symphony, plays and the ballet. My husband and I enjoy fine wines and cooking. I consider my culinary efforts a form of creative expression, and a gift to my family and friends.

I bought my first home in 1999, and with it came a garden. Until this time I had never really spent much time with plants and flowers, always living in downtown concrete buildings - with only a balcony. However, I quickly came to revel in the joy of the dirt, and make sure to find time for my maturing garden. More recently, my husband and I spend time at our seaside get-away on Gambier Island – where our very large garden is a source of unending pleasure and relaxation.