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Throughout my academic career I have been able attract funding which included approximately half a million dollars in research grants or fellowships, and an additional $460,000 funding for corporate endeavors. Since 2002 I have led an externally funded research project on e-loyalty. Further details about this work may be obtained at our research website

Funding Summary:

2018-2023 CIHR Grant for “Understanding Contextual Factors to Effectively and Equitably Scale up GetCheckedOnline to Diverse populations and Geographic Settings” ($2 million). Co-investigator: Dianne Cyr.
2017 SFU/SSHRC Institutional Grant for “Investigating the Antecedents and Outcomes of Privacy Concerns in Online Social Networks of Canadian Users” ($6,366). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr
2014-2017 SSHRC Partnership Development Grant for “Accelerating Digital Technology Adoption in Canadian Companies” ($394,592), Co-Applicant
2013-2016 SSHRC Insight Research Grant for “E-persuasion: The art of persuading in online environments” ($92,980). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr
2009-2012 SSHRC Standard Research Grant for “Modeling Utilitarian and Hedonic Behaviour in Online Shopping” ($68,800). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr
2007-2009 Research Initiative Fund, Faculty of Business, SFU for “Enhancing E-loyalty through Design” ($10,000). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr.
2007-2008 Small SSHRC grant with Faculty of Business SFU matched funds for “Enhancing E-loyalty through Design” ($7,462). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr.
2006-2008 Faculty of Business Administration Research Grant for "Enhancing E-loyalty through Design" ($10,000). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr.
2005-2007 President’s Research Grant for “Enhancing E-loyalty through Design” ($9,878). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr.
2005-2006 SFU Discovery Parks SSHRC Grant for “Enhancing E-loyalty through Design” ($10,000). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr.
2002-2005 SSHRC Innovation in the New Economy Research Grant for the project “Managing E-loyalty through Experience Design” ($286,000). Principal Investigator: Dianne Cyr.
2002/2003 Vice-President Academic’s 2002-2004 Conference Fund support ($2,000) for a 2004 titled “The International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and Systems” for which I am the Conference Chair.
2002 National Science Foundation Grant for project “Innovation through Technology in New Millennium Universities” ($36,000). Led a consortium of nine universities in the development of full research protocol for the project.
2001 Research funding allocation ($45,000) based on performance merit related to contract renewal, TechBC.
1999 Project award of $100,000 from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for the development of an agro-industrial joint venture in Sri Lanka. This project received an additional $360,000 of funding.
1998 National Research Council Research Grant
1997 Van Dusen Competitive Research Grant (Faculty of Business), Simon Fraser University
1996 Competitive SSHRC Research Grant, Simon Fraser University
1993 Competitive research grant award, Centre for International Business Studies, University of British Columbia
1992-93 Chateaubriand Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from the French government to conduct research at INSEAD, France. In Canada, this was the only award provided by this funding program in the Humanities.
1992 Competitive research grant award (with Susan Schneider), INSEAD
1991 Competitive research grant award (with Peter Frost), University of British Columbia